Stjepan Chuka at Dove fashion.hr: Little something for the girlz eyes

xxxooo, what a dressxxx

photo: Fashion.hr

Its time for Dove fashion.hr here in Zagreb. Introducin Stjepan Chuka, young fashion designer (born on 24th of December 1982, in Kutina) whos SS2010 collection left me speachless. why,you ask?
first, the models are sexy as hell. candy for my eyes, indeed <3.
second, it is somethnig i would definitly like to see and feel on my husband.
third, models are wearing startas sneakers, i wrote about them here
do you get the point?
and then, this blue dress... mmmm.... color, style and cut. perfect. it is on my wishlist :)

P.S. for more pics and info on the author visit his :website:


  1. Your blog is just great :) So much info and inspiration [: Have a grreat weekend (;

    georgia georgieva

  2. Thank you Georgia for your sweet comment :)