I spy: Burberry Prorsum 2011@london FW

i know, i know. you have seen it already, and you just loved it, right? i enjoyed the show at andy@StyleScrpapbook, and now, nothing is the same.
lets not pretend. i cant afford burberry. period. but i can spy :)
so, i spied amazing dresses, ok. my fave, tan one with black leather jacket. candy. loved colorful dresses with ruffles and black striped parts for edgie contrast. loved the animal print. and of course, black leather on olive green shirts, wow....like, like, like
one thing i didnt like thou, thumb down for the shoes. models looked like they could slip and fall on the ground every second, and the last girl at the show looked so poor walking in heels on something that looked like a very, very, slippery surface.

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  1. Fierce look!