ive got a secret to share

ok. I have a confession to make. im browsing for a while now and spying on bloggers. i admit, i got fascinated with a variety of shapes, colors, ideas... i like what i see :).
so i decided to join the fashion-bloggers  with my own little world. as simple as it sounds, it isnt. im still trying to get the perfect layout for my fashion blog, but im just not satisfied. i cant get the visual identity im seeking for. hope ill soon find the look so i wont need to change it so sofeten. 
and the name. think this is the third name im considering. i think i have found the one im satisfied now.
ok, that was the secret I was talking about :)

just to let u know

this is a random wish-list for the upcoming days:
perfect necklace from croatian designer known as Djuvedj :)
cardigan-jacket from need supply
and a perfect pair of boots for dancing in the rain from aldo

Ruffle Open Front Terry


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